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Beautiful and athletic girl with colorfu

Join Lulu Carter in this signature introduction workshop about the science of happiness. Start your journey of happiness with this event.

Interactive, Dynamic & Transformational.


Learn all about Science of Happiness, and how to apply to your daily life.

Workshop was done in: Dubai, India, Singapore, Switzerland

"Hi Luisa, thank you for sharing n facilitating the workshop today. Today  certainly ignited self awareness on the expression of the art work of our SPIRE.  Wishing the lovely ladies of the group all the best on your journey towards the light of life of happiness . God bless"😍❤Theresa Michelmann. ‘Kheng Hua ‘ flower of the night🤣 Singapore

"Hi my sweetheart! You have been doing a great job spreading the happiness. An interesting approach to life and a wonderful way of reminding people the true purpose of the soul which is at present covered with a thick crust of inconscience and unawareness.It is time that humanity unfolds it's true divine purpose and blossom into a being of joy,love and light. You are truly an angel my dear soul sister"🙏❤️🙏Manimala Ghosh India

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