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Meet Maria Luisa Carter "Lulu Carter"

Chief Happiness Officer, Entrepreneur, Author,

Holistic Educator, Motivational Speaker

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The Covid-19 pandemic has made service to others high on the list of critical global issues. In this website, Maria Luisa (Lulu) Carter from Brazil will lead workshops, events, and on-line classes focused on positive changes, service learning, social responsibilities and personal growth both locally and globally. Lulu will discuss the  importance of finding your purpose in life plays a role in your happiness. 


Maria Luisa Carter
Chief Happiness Officer/Positive Psychology Coach/ Motivational Speaker

Born in Sao Paulo, Maria Luisa (“Lulu”) Carter began her professional career in education, the arts and community service in Rio de Janeiro, before moving first to Europe and then to the United States 26 years ago. With degrees from Brazil in speech therapy, art, psychodrama and a Masters/Science and Education from Southern Connecticut University, Lulu views the world through an eclectic and multicultural prism. She has initiated projects that combine education, community service and arts throughout the world.​ In 2001 Lulu became a Co-Founder of Destination Partners Travel Management Company working primarily with American universities. 

In 2008, She founded the nonprofit organization House of Gaia, dedicated to bringing the world together through innovative programs and social inclusion. Lulu became a Chief Happiness Officer and is particularly interested in providing positive psychology services to children with all abilities.